Discussing the Applications of an Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor

The popularity of oil-free screw air compressors is increasing day by day and their demand in various industries is also increasing. They are considered best as they offer their users high-quality compressed air that is contaminant free. This type of compressor doesn’t require lubricating the components of the compressor using oil as demanded by traditional compressors.

Instead of using oil for lubrication, oil-free screw compressors are designed using advanced ceiling technology that provides its user with clean and dry air without metal-to-metal contact between the rotors. The best screw air compressor manufacturer, WEMANO, has made it easy for us to get our desired high-quality screw air compressors.

Oil-Free Screw Air Compressors Applications

Oil-free screw air compressors are listed among those popular compressors that don’t need a brief discussion because most people are well aware of their working. They have gained a respectable position in the market and you will surely never be disappointed by their work. As mentioned above, these compressors have powerful applications in several industries so let us have brief information about these applications.

Food & Beverage Industries

The compressed air obtained from screw air compressors in the food and beverage industry is commonly utilized by direct contact with food products. Hence it is always suggested to use oil-free screw compressors so that contaminated-free compressed air can be obtained and the quality standard will be balanced.

Moreover, the oil-free screw air compressor’s responsibilities include filing, cleaning, sorting, and packaging the products in the food and beverage industries. The air required by the power machines for the sealing and wrapping of containers is provided by these compressors, in this way the product remains uncontaminated and fresh.

Pharmaceutical Industries

For different manufacturing processes, dry and clean air is always demanded by pharmaceutical industries. Several tasks like filling, packaging, mixing, quality control, research, and development are the responsibility of the screw air compressor used in these Industries which is commonly oil-free screw air compressor.

The blending of liquid and powder is done by compressed air and the power machines for filling tubes and bottles also need compressed air. At the last, when the medications are to be packaged into blister packs, compressed air is required for operating the machine.

Electronics Industries

While manufacturing sensitive electronics in the industry, there is a great chance of damaging them hence clean air is required to avoid this damage. This clean and dry air is gathered from oil-free screw air compressors installed in the industry. Sensitive types of equipment, instrumentation, and control system are powered using this compressed air.

Medical Industries

A lot of applications in the medical industry depend upon the compressed air provided by oil-free screw air compressors. These applications include dental procedures, oxygen generation, laboratory testing, etc. As high quality and uncontaminated air are required here for oil-free screw air compressors are demanded.

For oxygen generation, the compressed air taken from the compressor is separated into its component gases by using pressure-saying absorption technology. Dental drills and other related tools are powered using compressed air. Moreover, tasks like spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and chromatography are done using compressed air.

Automotive Industries

In automotive industries, tasks like sandblasting, powering pneumatic tools, and painting are done using compressed air. Here, an oil-free screw air compressor is used so that clean compressed air is provided that doesn’t damage sensitive types of equipment.

Textile Industries

Air jet looms, spinning machines, and other textile-related machinery need dry and clean air that is gained from an oil-free screw air compressor. Moreover, while spinning the compressed air is used to maintain the consistent tension in the yarn.

Final Wording

The demand for oil-free screw compressors has incredibly increased as it provides its users with contaminated free, dry, and clean compressed air that is used for different purposes. These can increase one’s business productivity very amazingly and offer more than expected output.



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